Нова табела обозначава водопад Метлата над беласишкото село Ключ

Нова табела обозначава водопад Метлата над беласишкото село Ключ
Водопад Метлата Снимка: drumivdumi.com
17 Ноември 2021, Сряда

Поставени са и стрелки по туристическия маршрут от Камешнишки водопад до водопад Чатала

Автор: Десант

Служителите от Дирекция на Природен парк „Беласица“ поставиха през изминалата седмица стрелки по туристическия маршрут от Камешнишки водопад до водопад Чатала.

Освен това, те монтираха и обозначителна табела на водопад Метлата над село Ключ.

Водопад Метлата е един от най-интересните беласишки забележителности. Водата се сипе с характерна за метла причудлива форма. 

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Анти Румън
27.11.2021 01:31:21
Holocaustul si istoria evreilor, disciplina de studiu in scoli. Pareri pro si contra


В Румъния ще се преподаде на учениците "дисциплин"/"материя" (не знам точната бг. дума) "История на евреите и Холокоста", редом до физика, химия, математика, румънски език, история на румънците, историята на света и т.н.
Има няколко статии в румнънското онлайн пространство известяващи за това.
Коментариите на румънците са преобладаващо отрицателни, тоест антисемитни (вероятно те бяха още повече обаче другите отрицателни коментари, тоест вулгарните са били изтрити):
Бележки: Антонеску беше ръководителят на Румъния по времето на участието й в Холокоста, смятан от повечето румънци за герой.
2. Стиховете цитирани от потребител "силе" които започват с думите "От Боян до..." (From Boian to the...) принадлежат на най-обичаното стихотворение на най-големия румънски стихотворец М. Еминеску ("Doina"/Дойна се казва стихотворението = вид румънска народна песна), голям анти-семит и също голям мразител на гърци (те също са споменати в стихотворението му "Дойна"), българи и руснаци. (може би и на други народи, не съм запознат с цялото му дело).
Най-великият румънски стихотворец е бил също и голям анти-семит. Да, това е така.
Let's learn the history of the American Indians, the Palestinians, who knows what ethnic group in China, the Armenians or I know whose. These can be learned in history so as not to be beaten, and for those who want to go further, they can go deeper, but not at school.

When will we study in schools that part of history in which communist torturing Jews, such as Anna Pauker, Bruknner, Walter, etc., in state leadership structures, beheaded everything that meant the flower of intellectuality, patriots and the middle class of the country? And no one so I didn't hold them accountable.

Vintila Dascalita:
I am not anti-Semitic, I do not deny the inhuman persecution of Jews, my father who was evacuated from the eastern front after being wounded told me about a train with hungry Jews, and this was just one he saw, but this decision is a mistake . Young people must learn the truth, but not so, because that really means discriminating against other peoples like Armenians and Gypsies and treating Jews differently from them. In addition, most importantly, the separate study of this subject will have exactly the opposite effect of what you want. And smart Jews should know that. It is true that too often anti-Semitic comments and opinions appear, devoid of truth, but this is not how they will disappear, on the contrary, they will feed them. Perhaps a subject about humanity, about how hatred between nations, wars, how people were persecuted and murdered by their fellows, would be necessary in the study of history. To make an object of study in this issue only about Jews does not seem fair to anyone.

"From Boian to the Horn of the Luncii
Jidovește the babies learn
And under the hand of a Jew
They are Stefan's Romanians".
We will be (or are) what we were again ..... that is, the servants of the Jews. And the traitors of parliamentarians approve laws in this regard.

Capelin Amar:
The history of the Jews will stick to the Romanian students like the hunchback. Let us remember the sterile attempts of other dominators who taught us Russian by crying. What was chosen of all their efforts? Dust! Romanians still do not speak Russian and even those who learned that language in school, forgot it as soon as it was no longer imposed on them by force. The same will happen with this strange subject as an object of study. What do we have to do with Jewish history? Oh, that a few thousand Jews and a few hundred thousand later Khazars who converted to mosaicism lived here is a fact. But why don't we study the history of the Ottoman Empire, that we only lived under the Turks for 500 years. Or the history of the Byzantine Empire that I was under them too. Not to mention the history of the Roman Empire whose heirs we are. Or the unpainted history of the Thracians, Dacians, Vlachs and Romanians? What a flaw these peoples have who have lived here and left us the land and their language that we must now study - listen, study! - the history of a distant and non-European people that has left no trace in our history except for some unfortunate episodes but without relevance on the scale of history. Do Spaniards learn about the history of the Jews when they were expelled from Spain, tortured or killed for not converting to Christianity? But does Ukraine or Russia put ashes on their heads and learn in school about the terrible pogroms that periodically decimated the Jewish community in tsarist and then Bolshevik Russia? Better strengthen the school curriculum with the true history of Romanians so that every student at the end of school of any level knows thoroughly who we are, where we come from and what extraordinary people we can be, including their contribution. Let the Jews teach their children about their own history and let the Romanians know theirs. As for the Old Testament, a more horrible and disgusting book full of horrors, you will have a hard time finding it. In no case should that gathering of horrors, immorality, stupid phantasmagorias and monstrous nonsense be taught in schools as a moral basis for Romanian children. Only he who has not read the collection of fables springing from sick minds can believe the nonsense and mystical-crazy delirium of that creature.

costica cova:
Ludwig ..... respectable .... go to school. 1 Following the Nuremberg Trials, both Marshal Antonescu and the Legionary Movement and the entire leadership of Romania at that time were exonerated of any guilt. The Romanian Legionary Movement was considered neither Nazi nor fascist compared to other similar movements in Europe. have been convicted (all these are facts and are supported by documents that cannot be denied) 2 can you argue your statements? gassing Jews and Roma in Transnistria ???? .... are you healthy?

costica cova:
Ludwing 3 when you judge the past you have to do it in the context of those times
4 you besides the fact that you are a pathetic propagandist you are also an ignorant
5Mar marshal Antonescu was a great patriot

Mihai Eminescu -DOINA. Varianta necenzurata


Din Boian la Cornu Luncii
Jidoveste’nvata pruncii
Si sub mana de jidan
Sunt romanii lui Stefan.
Vai de biet roman saracu
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